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Bourbon Basics is the educational arm of the Whisky Chicks, creating experiences centered around the education and immersion into bourbon. Our entire staff has been certified as Stave & Thief Bourbon Stewards, a designation offered by Moonshine University and recognized by the Kentucky Distiller's Association as the official authority on bourbon training.

Founder, Linda Ruffenach, believes there is not a right way or wrong way to drink bourbon. In fact, she believes that everyone’s journey is different and that for many taking the leap from wine to whiskey can be incredibly intimidating. Her objective? Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, she takes pride in creating experiences that make learning about Kentucky bourbon approachable, fun and informative.


She created the Whisky Chicks in 2014 out of a desire to meet other women who had nothing to do with her job, spouse or kids. Since then she has partnered with top international brands to create over 50 unique experiences and has helped over 1500+ men and women on their journey to bourbon enlightenment. She has been described as a kind of no-nonsense, direct, warm southern woman who will go out of her way to make sure everyone around her feels comfortable. She loves to play hostess and knows how to throw a hell of a party. Sharing a glass of bourbon and learning about America’s native spirit can be the great common denominator for bringing people together. What she has created is a community of women (and a few men) who range in age from 21 to 94 who support and inspire each other.

Joining Linda on her on this journey is Karen Kushner, former brand ambassador for Four  Roses Distillery.

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