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Bourbon Basics is a division of Whisky Chicks, LLC

Libation Liberators

Whisky Educators

Let us immerse you and your guests into all things Kentucky as we create memorable moments centered around Kentucky Bourbon. 


Bourbon Basics™ is the educational arm of the Whisky Chicks®. We are dedicated to making learning about whisk(e)y, especially Kentucky bourbon whiskey, fun and approachable.


Our non-traditional tastings are designed to appeal to novices, enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. We mix together Kentucky history, bourbon folklore, cocktails and tastings.


Our brand agnostic approach allows us to offer a variety of options as you go down the path to bourbon enlightenment. 

We offer private events, bourbon classes and customized bourbon tastings.


“Our sponsors and VIPs are still talking about their bourbon experience in Kentucky. What a great way to kick off our convention,”

— Jen Tornatta,

IWL Foundation

“We have struggled to get our clients to come to after hours events but the moment we said Kentucky bourbon, they were all in!”

— Lori Gibson,

CDC Distributors


Custom Experiences

Event Planners + Business Meetings

Let us work with you to develop a customized bourbon experience for your group, meeting or convention. We will work with you to host onsite or at a chosen venue. We offer event space for up to 40 people. 

Sales Executives

Looking for a unique way to stand out with prospects? Do you want to show your appreciation for a valued client but think dinners seem too cliche? Let us create a customized bourbon tasting that helps you solidify your relationships with prospects and achieve sales objectives.

Small Groups

We want to help you create a memorable experience for an upcoming birthday celebration, or anniversary, 



Join one of Whisky Chicks' bourbon experiences or scheduled classes. Detailed information and schedule can be found on the Whisky Chicks website

Restaurants, Bars, Retail Stores & Neighborhood Shopping Districts

Let us help you create a win-win experience that brings you more customers and gets them talking about your establishment(s).


Distilleries, Spirits Producers, Distributors & Brand Ambassadors 

We design and execute experiences that showcase your products, bring liquor to lips and make memorable moments for your brand.


Unique Offerings

We are able to create custom bourbon experiences for your next group outing or meeting, or you can choose from one of our existing formats below: 

  • Bourbon Basics 101* - Let us ease your way into Bourbon as we create an experience with gateway cocktails that help your palate appreciate and enjoy the deliciousness of Kentucky Bourbon.

  • Whiskies of the World - Gain a basic understanding of the differences between different whisky categories including Bourbon, Rye, Scotch and Irish in this whisky tasting. 

  • The Julep Experience - Explore the history of the Mint Julep and how it came to be the official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby. We will change it up a bit with different simple syrups, garnishments and mixers. 

  • Spirited Bourbon Yoga - Let us give gratitude to Kentucky’s amber spirit through a blending of yoga and bourbon. Be fully present in the moment, experience each pose and savor each taste.

  • Stave & Thief Society Certified Bourbon Steward - Knowledge breeds confidence, and what better way to show off than to become a Certified Bourbon Steward?

We have created custom experiences for:


How we got here

Bourbon Basics™ is the educational arm of the Whisky Chicks®. We create tasting experiences centered around the education and immersion into Kentucky bourbon. Our entire staff has been certified as Stave & Thief Bourbon Stewards, a designation offered by Moonshine University and recognized by the Kentucky Distiller's Association as the official authority on bourbon training.

Founder, Linda Ruffenach, believes there is not a right way or wrong way to drink bourbon. In fact, she believes that everyone’s journey is different and that for many taking the leap from wine to whiskey can be incredibly intimidating. Her objective? Make learning about Kentucky bourbon approachable, fun and informative. Her ideals and philosophies can be found in her upcoming book, "How to be Bourbon Badass." 


We have partnered with top international brands to create over 75+ unique experiences and have guided thousands of men and women on their bourbon journey. They have discovered, that sharing a glass of bourbon and learning about America’s native spirit can be the great common denominator for bringing people together and creating memorable moments. MORE


Past Events

Co-ed team building event, University of Louisville School of Medicine Team Building, National Association for Women Business Owners Symposium VIP Reception, Art of the Julep at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival,

David Construction & more.


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